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Santa Rosa County Budget

Where the money is coming from and where it is going

How Do We Compare?

Per Capita Total Property Tax Levi

According to the 2019 Florida Tax Watch report, Santa Rosa County has one of the lowest per capita total property tax levies among like-sized and neighboring counties. In fact, it is 9.8% less than Escambia County and 45.3% less than Okaloosa County.

The Tax Watch Report was published after the publication of the FY2020 Adopted Budget and can be found at

Per Capita Total County Revenue

According to the 2019 Florida Tax Watch report, Santa Rosa County has the second lowest revenue per capita in the state and is 43.6% less than the next comparable county. Union County has the lowest revenue per capita in the state and has a population estimate of 15,505.

The Tax Watch Report can be found at

Ad Valorem Tax History

Taxable values increased substantially from 1993 to 2007 (average annual increase of 10.6%). Coupled with the recession, a repressed housing market and statewide property tax reform, from 2008 to 2013 valuations decreased over $2 billion, or 22.3%. An improved housing market shows values increase steadily from 2013 onwards. For fiscal year 2021 the increase is 7.7% while the average increase since 2010 is 2.3%. The current trend is expected for the foreseeable future.

Taxable Value and Millage History

Total Budget and Population History

Santa Rosa County is among Florida’s fastest growing counties. According to, out of 67 counties, Santa Rosa County is 54th (bottom 20%) for per capita county government property tax levy, 51st (bottom 25%) for per capita total property tax levy and 66th (bottom 2%) for per capita total county revenue.

Property Tax Revenue History (Millions)

This chart compares property tax revenue of Santa Rosa County and the Santa Rosa County School Board. Since 2007, the school board’s millage rate has fluctuated between 6.840 and 7.916. The Board of County Commissioners has held the current millage rate of 6.0953 more than 10 years.